Coconut Health Benefits

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For many people, the fact that sparks the most curiosity when we talk about coconuts is what they are? Are they truly a nut? Or a fruit? They are sometimes even classified as a seed. But in the end, they are all of that. It depends on the point of view and the criteria that we use. What’s fascinating about the coconuts is that this unique representative of the plant world is not just a good conversation starter but its unique qualities. Under the sturdy shell of the coconuts, we can find a real treasure of useful ingredients – water, milk, tasty meat, and oil. Every part of the Cocos nucifera (coconut palm) fruit can be used.

Recently this plant has been promoted to the superfood status, a title desired by every other specimen in the flora family. A factor helping to recognise the numerous health benefits provided by the coconut is its long history of use – coconut palms have been grown for more than 4500 years in tropical regions. In reality, we believe that the huge recognition that this plant has lately is mostly due to the impressive nutritional benefits of the fruit. Also, another special characteristic that they have is that it can be used not only in the nutritional industry but also in the beauty industry, a feat that not so many other plants can be proud of.

Before we continue with all the great benefits of the coco, we want to clarify something. In the past, due to lack of research, but mostly due to personal interests, coconut oil was disregarded and claimed to be unhealthy. That has happened as a result of the agrarian lobbies, which started actively promoting the benefits of unsaturated fatty acids, which are concentrated in sunflower, corn, olive, soybean, and other oils. This automatically represents coconut oil as a bad choice. For example, in the US, this oil was used for frying almost any type of food you can imagine. The wrongly represented information scared most of the users, and they willingly replaced the coconut oil because it is made of up to 85% saturated fatty acids. This seemed logical, right? As many others logically sounding on the surface claim, this is not exactly true. The content of the coconut oil is made mostly by medium-chain fatty acids. But, luckily, it doesn’t contain the ingredient that is truly dangerous for our health – trans fats. They are highly processed artificial types of fats which are dangerous for human health.

These misleading facts about coconut oil for a certain period made it look like a bad choice, but recent research shows that it is one of the healthiest fats that nature has gifted us with. A big portion of the fatty acids in this type of oil are lauric and caprylic acids. They are also to be found in the components of breast milk and are working as natural antibiotics. On top of that, these acids can work as immune boosters and as defenders against viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Also, this oil produces a compound called monolaurin, which is used to battle (and prevent) common cold, infection, chronic fatigue, and much more. The best part is that this chemical helps the immune system by having an antimicrobial effect only on the “bad” microorganisms.

Another worth mentioning benefit of coconut oil is that its fat is actually good for the liver. It lowers bad cholesterol and improves fat metabolism. For people with diabetes, there are additional benefits – better regulation of blood sugar levels and reduced secondary consequences of the disease. Our bodies use coconut oil using interesting mechanisms. This rich in medium-chain fats oil doesn’t linger in the bloodstream or clogs our blood vessels. It is transported directly to the liver and converted to ketones – chemical compounds used directly for energy by our body (the brain loves them too!). What is even better is that this oil doesn’t get transported by the cells at the fat storage tissue – it is the opposite; it helps for faster metabolism and even helps in reducing weight. Fascinating!

Now let’s continue with some of the little-known but significant benefits of coconuts.

Highly nutritious and satiating

In most fruits, the main macronutrient is carbs, but the coconuts are providing mostly fats. Fats are way more calorie-dense than carbs. Other ingredients in this fruit are some proteins, a lot of fibres, some important minerals, and a few vitamins. One of the most concentrated minerals in coconuts is manganese, which helps bone health and metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and cholesterol.

May reduce hunger

As we mentioned, coco is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), and it is believed that they can reduce hunger. This effect is probably due to the way our body utilises fats. The coconut oil is converted to ketones, and they can reduce a person’s appetite.

Improves endurance

Another great benefit achieved thanks to those Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) found in coconut meat. These MCFAs are easier to be digested by our digestive system, and also they are boosting endurance in trained athletes.

Better oral health

Thanks to the MCFAs, the meat of this fruit has been considered to have antimicrobial properties. They help prevent infections related to root canals and other teeth issues. Researchers have found that eating more coco meat is a good way to boost the health of your gums and protect teeth from infections, bacterias, and cavities.

Keeps skin and hair in good shape

For those unsatisfied with their dry skin or wavy hair, raw coconut is a thing worth considering. The fat in these fruits is beneficial for the skin. The coconut helps with excellent hydration properties and increases the elasticity of the skin. Those two properties in combination are great for reducing the appearance of unwanted early wrinkles. On top of these qualities, we have added antibacterial and antifungal properties thanks to the monolaurin and lauric acid contained in the coco. But its benefits for our beautiful appearance don’t end with that. The antioxidants concentrated in the fruit are helping in the battle with oxidative cell damage. Finally, it is reported that raw coconut and products derived from it will help with scalp and acne problems.

Boosts immune system

It might sound repetitive, but coconuts’ antiviral and antibacterial properties are a really good tool to boost your immune system. Consume raw coconuts so you can have another ally in the battle with the dangerous infections.

Helps with the support of good mental health

Thanks to the rich MCTs found in its ingredients, coconuts are a good tool to support your brain and prevent dangers related to your mental health. It is also believed that the fruit’s ketogenic properties are beneficial for preventing Alzheimer’s disorder.

Hydrates perfectly

Every part of the coconuts is useful – the water found in the young coconuts is no exception. This refreshing beverage contains all of the electrolytes your body will ever need. It is one of the highest-rated natural sources of electrolytes, which are important for maintaining the body hydrated while also keeping your nerves and muscles working optimally.

Improves bones and tooth’s health

As we know, the importance of manganese and calcium for a sturdy bone structure in our organisms is crucial. For our luck, the cocos are great helpers for the absorption of exactly these minerals. Also, by adding more coconuts to your daily diet, you can aid the prevention of osteoporosis.


The numerous list of benefits makes the coconut a true superfood. Our team loves to refer to it as the king of all foods. With all the fruit’s healing properties, it ranks as one of those with the most potentially beneficial properties for human well-being. That’s why we like to think about coco palms as the trees of life. All jokes aside, one thing is clear until this point – the coconuts are super healthy, and you should include in your diet as much as possible products derived from them. Our final tip for those who love to make conscious health decisions is to choose carefully and use only high-quality biologically clean products. Among our favourites are the bio odourless and tasteless coconut oils (including the cold-pressed virgin ones), the indispensable in the kitchen, coconut sugar, and the refreshing coconut water. Take your time to find the ones with certified bio-organic labels, and you have set your foot on the right path!

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